Welcome to Sam's Custom Tailors at the heart of Singapore's shopping district. Sam's Custom Tailors is a leading men's and ladies' tailors and shirtmaker in Singapore. Affiliated with Mohan's Custom Tailors, you are assured of supreme high quality workmanship everytime. It is our constant pursuit to ensure that our clientele received excellent seervice each time they come to Sam's Custom Tailors.

At Sam's Custom Tailors, we don't stake any assumptions except for one: you have a certain suit in mind. One that's the right style, the right color and the right fit. That's a suit with your name on it. Not a designers. And the only way to get that is to start from the very beginning, with an expert tailor.

In the end, the fabric looks great on you because you picked it yourself. You have thousands of the finest wools, silks and cashmeres to choose from in every weight, weave and color imaginable.

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